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Paycheck Protection Application

Please fill out the below information to begin your application for payroll protection funding, as defined by the CARES Act. Some or all of this loan may be forgiven as described more below.

Please fill out the below information to begin your application.


How much am I eligible for?

Per the CARES Act recently signed into law, the maximum loan amount you are eligible for under the Paycheck Protection Program is 2.5 times your average monthly payroll expense.

Will I have to pay back the loan?

Some or all of this amount may be forgiven based on verification of payroll and other expenses you incur during an 8-week period following this loan. Please note that your forgiveness amount may be reduced if your payroll expense during that period drops by more than 25%.

What are the terms of the loan?

For any remaining portion of this loan that is not forgiven, this is a 2-year loan with an interest rate of 1%. There is no prepayment penalty.